Alarm Permit Application

Homeowners are responsible for obtaining the Alarm permit from the city or county Where you reside. Once your permit has been activated, please notify our team with the permit number*

Apply/Submit Application to applicable jurisdiction (see below for links for your jurisdiction)
You will need the following information when completing your Alarm Permit Application:

Permit Type: Burglar and Panic/Holdup/Duress (as known as robbery)

Type of Alarm System: Audible, Burglar,Panic/Holdup Duress

Alarm Installed By: AMP Security, 22339 Bridgestone Ridge Dr, Spring, TX 77388, 713-955-2701

AMP Security License Number: B04102501

Monitored By: UCC, 8415 Datapoint Dr Ste 500, San Antonio, TX 78229. 800-299-9900

UCC License Number: B20576